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Originally Posted by jacy View Post
If you plan to track the car, remove the front backing plates. With the stock plates in place, there is not much airflow to center of the hub on the center back side, where the rotors **** in their air.

W/r to the bolt holes holding on the rotors. There is a reason only one is used and that it does not seem like it holds the rotor on securely. My guess is that it has to do with allowing the hub to expand/contract a little.
thanks for the response.. in the brembo supplied directions.. ( i know they are generic) but they state to refasten the rotor with whatever was used on the stock setup ...if the directions would have specifically said to only put it back with one to allow this expansion/contraction i would have certainly did it.. but who knows..

it just seems everytime i do a mod it is a little different than what the other people have experienced .. which concerns me at times..
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