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Default brembo bbk install

some interesting things on my 4 corner brembo bbk install today.

1. i did not need to trim the outer portion of the rear brake shield. some diy's from and also the install pdf's and even the supplemental sheet from the brembo kit for the e46 m3 stated you had to trim about 1 inch from the rear dust shield all the way around the circumference, and then cut some more of it away to fit the caliper and the bracket. also it was stated that it was difficult to cut away the rear dust shield because it was thick. a good friend of mine did most of the work. all we had to do was cut about 1.5 inch triangle from where you mount the caliper, essentially to widen that space. and we cut them with regular tin snips. the rest was just simply bent out of the way and with this we had about an 1/8 to a quarter of an inch clearance all the way around the rotor and the caliper and the bracket...:nixweiss: i will let you know if sparks start coming from the car or it catches on fire.. so far on the drive home.. zero rubbing etc...

2. we did not cut the front triangle near the tie rod end from the front brake shield either.. we simply bent this out of the way and gained plenty of clearance... we even put the wheel bolts back in along with washers ( to substitute for the wheels) in order to ensure the rotors were completely mounted on the hub... so nothing was cut from the front rotor shield.. it was just slightly bent out of the way

3. regarding the rear stainless steel brake lines. the middle anchor point stock clip that holds the line away from the moving parts had to be 'tweaked' a bit to get that to fit tightly. we think it was due to the diameter of the goodridge anchor point included with the brakes being a bit smaller than stock

4. with regards to the rotor screws that mount the rotors to the hub.. for some reason we could use two screws [just like stock] on 3 of the 4 rotors. however, on the driver side we could only get one of the screws to actually hold the rotor because the 2nd hole was just a little two big [as a matter of fact the 2nd pre-drilled hole looked to be just like the pre-drilled holes for the rear rotor hats ] again i read in a couple of the diy's that you would only get to use one screw on each rotor. we think that if you had a rear rotor screw for that front hole that was too big that it would fit fine... we made sure that the rotors were lined up also. there is a distinct difference in the holes for the screws versus the holes for the dowels in the hub [screw holes are indented so screws sit flush]

5. we used an eye-ometer to measure the run-out on the rotors [since my dads meter did not work with teh magnetic base he bought] and decided it was well within the limits .. just make sure the rotors are mounted with a couple of lug bolts on them though.. or else they will look crazy out of round..

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