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Default Re: Titan7 - Fully Forged T-R10/TS5 Track/Street-Ready Wheels - Clears BBK!

Originally Posted by mcfreid View Post
Hey Tom, could you explain the fitment a bit more? From the posted offsets it looks like the fronts are almost equivalent to having a 20mm-25mm spacer with OEM, no? For anyone running more than 225s, I don't see how that would fit... Then, the rears are pretty much stock offset, and so to keep the track width front to rear around OEM, you'd have to run at least a 10 to 15mm spacer in the rear. Am I missing something here? It certainly doesn't seem like these are going to fit without some work...
NO spacers are needed, recommended tire setups for a staggered setup are 245/275 depending on tire brand.

Originally Posted by BBRTuning View Post
Those are the sizes they are available in (as shown in first posts of this thread). These are very common sizes for E46 M3s. Yes, they're aggressive, but they can easily fit without rubbing with the right alignment specs. There are TONS of people running with these same specs. These wheels are designed for track use, and you won't have much fun tracking your car with less than 2.5* front camber which is about the minimum you'd need to fully clear these wheels in the front. I'm running both 9.5 +22 and 10 +25 setups, square, with no fitment issues. I run between 3.0-3.8* front camber and 2.0-2.5* rear camber.

I've been really considering these T-R10s, they look badass! Wish there was a silver option but the titanium is growing on me. 18x10.5 +25 square will be awesome for the track, perfect for 275/35 or 285/30 square setups.
The Titanium finish is awesome in person, you won't be disappointed.
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