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Default Re: RS-30 lithium battery

Originally Posted by Obioban View Post
My GU1R mounting location. I put it under the hood because it's not doing anything meaningful for weight distro at 5.7 lbs, and the battery cable to the trunk is 8 lbs-- heavier than my battery!

Tank in front of it is my light weight, one pint washer tank. I use that because I rarely need washer fluid with how I use the car, but still don't want to be without it if I need it.

What washer tank is that? Are the battery and washer brackets custom? Did you get rid of the factory battery disconnect or relocate it to the front?

I want to run the hard motorsport race brake ducts so I need to move my washer bottle too. I've thought about moving my battery up front too, but I also want to run an oil catch can. Don't think I can fit all 3 in that compartment.
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