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Originally Posted by jacclark View Post
I'd really like to see dyno runs with each modified piece done separately..


So far this is pretty impressive for headers, exhaust, intake, software and pullies.

I understand what your saying, but I think I speak for everyone on this forum when I point out that there is a consensus that in order to mod a motor like the E46 M3's you cannot do it peice have to tie all the mods together, in otherwords get "compatible mods" as you can see some of the parts were less compatible than others.

For example had we tested each exhaust system individually we might have found out that they all add about the same amount of power on a stock header car...but what I really wanted to know is which exhaust system worked best with an after market high flow header...because as I said before, a good quality header combined with the proper and good quality exhaust should yeild the best performance.
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