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Originally Posted by Pauly View Post
The OP mentions that the cross-over should not be incorperated to far forward but doesn't mention the ideal location.

Where are the measurements of the ideal location?
Is the stock cross-over NOT in the ideal placement?

I am asking b/c when I did my exhaust (csl headers, race cats.......) I was informed that the cross-over is an important piece of the puzzle. As it seems that IT IS, looking over the data. It would be nice to know the exact location b/c I have that slight hesistation in the low end.
We couldn't find a beter location than in the stock location, which was just behind the transmission yoke. There are not that many places where there is room for the cross over becuase of all the bends in the system. The V1 Borla had the cross pver very far forward almost right at the header. The rule of thumb is that moving the crossover forward increases peak hp at the expense of low end torque. The trade off usually isn't that dramatic, but in the case of VANOS M3 without cats it was problematic. The issue was easily fixed by moving the crossover back to the stock location.

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