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Default Re: Fan delete mod roll-call & W. pump question

It's not that hard to test if the aux fan works. I'm not a huge fan of the lower temp thermostat, but i am supportive of upgrading to the 80/88 fan switch.

I recently removed my mechanical fan when i upgraded to the S54 Mcoupe rad, stewart water pump, aluminum thermo housing, standard thermostat, new lines and new expansion tank with brass bleed screw.

I replaced the mechanical fan with the 16in spal puller fan integrated into the circuit and on a switch. it pulls A LOT of heat out of the rad. I'm supercharged and as such there is quite a bit more heat to deal with and I haven't had any issues at the track or autox. I turn the fan on manually in between autox runs and it significantly decreases the temperature.

honestly if you have the correct supportive components you don't need the mechanical fan. It's the people who are running a 100k cooling system who delete the fan for, a couple hp, that run into problems. If done correctly the Fan delete modification provides for me at least, piece of mind that I don't have to worry about an additional fan clutch, the fan exploding into my cooling system. But that's just me.
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