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Default Re: Titan7 - Fully Forged T-R10/TS5 Track/Street-Ready Wheels - Clears BBK!

Originally Posted by tom @ eas View Post

"In-House" means that Titan7 wheels are all made in one single facility. For example, some wheel companies will import forgings from an outsource and then machine their wheels in their facility. Titan7 makes their wheels from start to finish in the same facility which means total quality control, and presses wheels to 10,000 tons which nobody else does in the US.


A lot of wheel companies don't actually make their wheels - they are importers. Titan7 are fully vested partners with their factory in China, ...
Interesting definition of "in house" when that house is not Titan-7's.
How are they not importers like others you refer to, if the wheels come from partners in China?
And what's the point of saying "nobody else in the US" if Titan-7 are coming from China?
Not challenging, just making sense of your response. Appreciate your transparency even if sugar coated.

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