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Thanks for the kind words guys. It was just something I thought about putting together a while back. For the past few months i've been cutting and pasting my responses from other threads into it and building up info little by little.

I added a bit more today (chassis weaknesses), and i'll be streamlining it a bit when I get a few minutes.

Originally Posted by PrivateDonut View Post
Awesome writeup Nick, thanks for posting this...should be stickied for sure. One thing I might add is, what about the recommended mileage for performing these preventative maintenance items (or "average" mileage at which these things tend to fail?). As an owner of a relatively low mileage car, these are things I worry about and need to consider in the near future.
I suppose I could add something like that in there. I haven't as of yet due to 2 reasons:

1) Giving a defined timeline can lead to a false sense of security in some instances.

2) So many people come into ownership of the car these days without any sort of maintenance history, defining service life of components is useless in many cases. They don't know how long the part has been in the car.

Still, I think you're right in saying it can be of some value to some people. I'll just have to be specific about it.

Originally Posted by OahuMPower View Post
it has been stickied... in HUGE letter, different color, and at the very top of the list
Thanks Cal. I'm not sure it needs to be *that* big. But I suppose that gets the point across.

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