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Default Re: Is a 100,000 mile plus car a bad idea?

Originally Posted by Obioban View Post
Eh, perhaps, but the alternative is...
-take things apart again and again and again to go after different parts as they fail. It's far easier to just drop a subframe and replace everything on it and be set, without effort/labor, for another 100,000 miles
-have some parts that aren't as new, that you don't realize because they still look good and function "well enough". Combine a couple parts functioning "well enough" and your car gets sloppy.

Everything 100,000 is pretty infrequent in the grand scheme of things. Doing everything all at once lowers effort (if you're DIYing) or cost (if you're paying someone to do the labor). It keeps the car driving like new and eliminated hunting for issues.
Makes sense. I can see your point.
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