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Default Re: Help, Transmission Malfunction & Start-off assistance inactive can't start up car

Took off the gear stick boot to manually unlock the transmission and rolled it down the hill to flat ground and it didn't start.

I did try to boost the car with my wife's car and it still didn't start. The tow truck driver also hooked up one of those small battery pack boosters and the car still didn't start.

Got it towed and dropped off at my mechanics (long weekend here) so hopefully they'll look at it on Tuesday. One of the message did briefly flash "Battery - Low Voltage", but it didn't stay, the only that stayed is the Transmission Malfunction. You'd think that if it was the battery, it would start with the jump or battery pack?

If I do get the battery replaced, should I go with OEM or is there a better AGM battery you would recommend?
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