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Default Re: Help me bring a new exhaust to market

This is what I have been wanting for a while. I might be hard to get consensus because higher HP cars run all kinds of different setups and have different goals with the power band.

I don't think a section 1 is necessary as most of us with higher HP will be running V1s or ARH which both require a special section 1. I think even Epic needs a special section 1.

A mandrel bent section 2 is really what we need on the market for higher HP cars. Not sure if a single 3.5 or dual 2.5 would be better. Then there is the debate on who needs the cross over and where to put the cross over if you go dual 2.5. For my application I don't even need an additional cross over. I also need it resonated.

The muffler is another hard one to nail down for me I want something conservative, but with a nice tone and sound. Some people want louder mufflers. Some as quiet as stock. It's going to be hard to agree on that one. It should have 2.5 inch piping though. Also drone free is a must like you mentioned already.

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