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Default DTMdan's Silver Grey 2004 E46 M3 "Emma"

Occasionally during the ownership of my E53 X5, I would search to see where used E46 M3 prices were at. I honestly just did this out of boredom since I wanted to keep my X5 and eventually pick up a second vehicle (most likely a cheap E36 M3). I would always search with the same criteria – Coupe, Manual, under $15k, and within 300 miles. I stumbled across one that checked all the boxes as far as colors and package(s). It was perfect, except it was overpriced with high mileage. This car remained in the search results for a couple months and then it dropped to a price that I couldn't pass on. So I traded my X5 in and picked up a dream car of mine since the age of 16.

9/30/15: Purchased @ 148k miles
10/3/15: Checked out at Sun Motor Cars BMW Free Annual Service Clinic
10/7/15: Cabin Air Filter (Mann) replaced
10/9/15: PA Inspection; Replaced f driver caliper (rebuilt) — CRbimmers

12/13/15: Replaced damaged ebrake handle
12/14/15: CobyWheel alcantara tri-stitch boots installed

12/24/15: CAtuned coilovers; new spark plugs, oil change, new fcab/rsm/poly rtab, ECS stainless steel brake lines, brake fluid change, alignment

1/3/16: OEM ZCP wheels bought

1/5/16: New lower steering wheel trim installed

1/6/16: Armrest delete installed
3/2/16: Alcantara seat delete installed
3/19/16: Non washer headlight lower trim installed
3/25/16: B-pillars replaced
4/22/16: Transmission fluid changed
4/25/16: Status Gruppe sec. 1 rasp pipe installed
5/18/16: Status Gruppe SCZA muffler, new center support bearing, new fuel pump
5/21/16: Kassel Performance tune
5/22/16: 6000k Khoalty xenon bulbs
6/5/16: Vanity plate

7/12/16: Status Gruppe CSL 2x2 cf diffuser installed

7/29/16: Wrapped interior trim titan shadow
8/1/16: Oil change
8/28/16: OEM CSL trunk installed

9/2/16: Front Throttle Position Sensor replaced
9/5/16: Fixed connection issue with trunk wires
9/7/16: Windshield washer tank deleted
9/25/16: Vinyl wrapped roof
10/6/16: Front tires replaced. Road-force balanced all 4 wheels/tires
10/29/16: VANOSFix Seals, oil disc, E39 S62 hub springs, Z4M cam bolts, new OE timing chain tensioner guide, Rogue Engineering vanos accumulator line
2/1/17: New battery installed
2/3/17: Steering wheel trim wrapped with titan shadow
3/4/17: 2M Velocity Stacks installed – Dyno'd at CBRD (made 311whp)
3/27/17: Manzo "eBay" Headers, new steering coupler installed
3/31/17: New Bosch windshield wipers
4/8/17: Hit 160k miles
4/9/17: SAP deleted
4/20/17: New Throttle Actuator installed
4/28/17: New Accelerator Module/pedal installed
Owner/Founder of Ultimate Klasse
IG: @dan_wagener @ultimateklasse

2004 M3 Silver Grey / Black / 6MT
OEM ZCP wheels OEM CSL Trunk CSL front bumper (rep) CAtuned coilovers Kassel Performance tune Turner underdrive pulleys Manzo headers Status Gruppe sec. 1 rasp eliminator, SCZA muffler, CSL diffuser

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