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Default Re: Intro/M3 Build Journal

Thanks for the kind words everyone.

Quick update, drivers window motor went out on me for the second time in a year... A little bugged about that. Ordered an eBay replacement, and naturally the seller shipped me a passenger side motor instead... Even more bugged about that.

On the plus side, got my girlfriend's E28 535i up and running after sitting for 4 months collecting parts (and dust). It'll assume daily duty for now, and that'll finally let me start real work on the M3. Sweet!

Suspension is the first to be ordered.
Up front:
New OEM BMW control arms with AKG adjustable lollipops.
OEM BMW tie rods

Out back:
-AKG black subframe and diff mount bushings
-Rogue Engineering RSM's with reinforcements
-Lemforder RTAB's with AKG limiters and RTAB/Sway bar reinforcement plates
-Upper and lower OEM ball joints
-Godspeed eBay camber arms (I know, eBay trash but they're adjustable, run a ball joint rather than a junk bushing, and weak enough to remain collapsable if I hit a curb or something. I won't be tracking the car often, if at all, so I may as well save money where I can.

And of course BC Coilovers to top it all off. My list sound about right?

1999 ///M3 - Cosmosschwarz over Mulberry

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