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Default Re: Thoughts on this E36 for DD use?

Edit: Never mind. I'm wasting my time. I'm just gonna stop looking for a car.

Photos of the car.

All PS lines need to be replaced. They're leaking pretty bad.
Shock/struts need to be replaced (FR is blown)
All rubber suspension/drivetrain parts (bushings; motor, trans, diff mounts) due for replacement. RSMs are new.
Whining noise when depressing/releasing clutch. Replace throw out bearing clutch, flywheel.
Can't put car into first gear at standstill sometimes.

Lots of dents = hail damage?
Windshield needs to be replaced.
Front and rear bumper, wing, and both mirror caps need to be repainted
All rubber window seals and windshield cowl need to be replaced.
Latch area on trunk lid is cracking.
Gas cap door does not lock. It probably flaps around when driving.
VIN tags present but cracking/peeling.

Seat rail/hardware corrosion?!
Both vader seat release handles non-functional. Broken cable?
Steering wheel needs to go.
Replace glovebox
Rear seats FUBAR. I don't think simple cleaning will fix them.
Headliner sag
Dead bug inside the left rear light housing. (I hate bugs)

Cable throttle is weird. Slipped the clutch a lot when moving from standstill and stalled two times. Rev matching and heel-toeing was easy and fun. Motor feels strong.

Asking price is $7k. Offered 5.5k. Declined. He will take 6k though. To PPI or to not PPI is where I'm at now.

Originally Posted by Obioban View Post
I have an e9X non M. It is boring.


e30, e36, and e46 non M's are a hoot to drive.

In some situations, I prefer driving my mom's e46 325xi to my M3. My best friend has an e36 325i that I borrow from time to time, and it's wonderful. He also has an e60 530i and it's a snoozefest. My e39 528i is a great time.

Pre bangle non M BMW's are awesome driving experiences. Do not let your e9X experience be your guide-- it does suck, but it's also unrelated to that which came before it.

... I don't think $6000 is a sufficient budget for a DDable e36 M3, even if your okay with it being a cosmetic hooptie (if you want it to be mechanically sound). But, e39 530i, e46 330i, e36 325/328, e34 6 cylinder cars would all be wonderful driving experiences, comfortable, and could easily be had within budget.
There are literally no non-M E36s in Texas. I'll give the E46 a chance and test drive one. E36 M3 is more badass though.

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