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Default Re: Are there any steering shaft extensions (cabin side) to get the wheel towards dri

bmw steering column's are mostly the same spline counts on newer cars, i think there is teloscoping parts on e38's and older cars have them too. one might be able to cobble together something, but i see this being complex because of the ignition setup our cars have. but if ews and whatnot was deleted, i wonder if you could pull this off with oem parts. also i remember from doing crap on my e21 that there are standards in the sizing of splined objects, and there where some off the shelf parts that had the same size and spline count one could purchase, i think i was able to locate custom jeep parts for my attempt at adding e21 rack and pinion to a e28, i never completed this though, bump steer and column angle was to much. but the lower columns of these two cars are the same spline as a e36, i have e28 parts in my lower column.

i was thinking of just removing the shear bolts at the bottom of the column and adding a spacer to shift the entire column foreword, but this makes me wonder on accident safety on how the column is meant to collapse in an accident. but maybe this is the way to go.

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