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Default Should I buy it?

Hello. I just joined this forum now to ask a question.

A friend of mine has found an E30 M3 that is for sale for $5,000, and forwarded the information to me being that I'm a bit of a BMW enthusiast. He passed by it and got the phone number from another friend who lives in that area. I haven't called the man or seen the car yet.

From what I understand, the car is parked outside of a house, and looks like it has been parked there for a long time. Each wheel is a different brand and a different make. It is some type of yellow color, but the car being as dirty as it is, looks more black at this point.

I have no idea if the interior or drivetrain is in working order, but from the information I've gotten already (price and condition), I'm going to assume the worst.

Just looking at gave me a bit of a surprise as to how much these M3s are going for these days. I knew they went up in value, but I had no idea how much. Personally, I don't have very much money to spend on a vehicle at the moment, and I'd like to ask a few questions before I commit to a project that, depending on cost, I may never finish.

I figure I should check the car out first, and get some better information, but out of curiosity, assuming that the drivetrain is shot, how much is just the shell worth? I'd be much more likely to pick it up and take a risk if there was a good chance that I'd get my money back if the drivetrain wasn't in working order.

Also, how do I check to make sure this is a "real" M3? Is there a way to check from the VIN? I'd hate to pay 5k for a neglected 325 with a body kit.

Is there anything that I should look for specifically that should stop me from buying the car?

I'll update the thread after I check the car out and get some better information.
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