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First, my disclaimer is that I've done my homework with this, and would like to see if others who have had "similar" SMG issues can further validate what I'm thinking...

My car is about to lose its non-BMW warranty (70k+ miles on the vehicle) and I'd like to try my best to hit them with this expense should it be necessary, as everything on this car is covered, including all transmission parts...

I've had the SMG light come on from time to time... I don't launch ever, I wouldn't consider myself an overly aggressive driver... Rarely has the SMG lights appearance led to actual loss of gears...

However, whilst in Philly the other day, it was exceptionally hot (~95*) and my SMG light appears after driving around the city for a little, running some errands. A lot of stop and go, obviously...

Next thing I notice, upon a stop at a light, my car is moving me to '0' (or neutral) and I'm somewhat stranded in the middle of the road. Give the car a good 20-30 seconds and she gives me back 1st gear and I'm on my way... This happens a few times, and I make sure to take it extra easy, and I make it home safely over the bridge and back to NJ with no further issues. Turn the car off, and the next day, start her up and I have no SMG (gear) light and I never got the SES light like I have in the past... Car runs well... I'm no stranger to this, as it has happened before, but like I said, typically never the loss of gears...

So, my question for you past and current SMG trouble guys, are we most likey looking at the pump?

I fear that's what it is, after doing my research, but I almost don't want to believe it. I've placed an order for a new relay, and I'm going to start there. But I don't DD this car, and I worry that if I wait, and wait, and the issue masks itself as gone, and then suddenly reappears, I won't be able to get my warranty company to foot the bill...

Thanks in advance for any help, advice... This thread alone was truly helpful...
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