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Default Re: Build Journal - RTD shifter - SMG to 6sp conversion

Originally Posted by aa240sx View Post
Update - Tranny is pulled! And yes, the bolt holding the actuator punched right out with a light tap from the hammer and the pins came right out with a light tap from a punch.

I'll have some pictures soon, but I'll be moving on to installing the clutch pedal, drilling out the hole for the shifter in the trans tunnel and putting in the hydraulic lines.

The tranny won't go back in for at least another week, as I went ahead and ordered the clutch bearing, pivot fork, clutch, spring, etc.

Now that the tranny is out I am wondering if I should go ahead and purchase the gear position sensor, tap a hole in the transmission and install it or do what many have done before and just code it out. I mean is there any advantage to having the gear position sensor?
Do you want cruise control?

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