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Default Re: My $8.8K 176K mile Craigslist E36M3 Journey Begins

W// - good to know about the valve adj! Thx.

Tripiz - my buddy drives the heck out of his GT3..... it is in the shop quite a bit though.. limp mode issues.

SQ13 - I"ll keep you in mind if I sell the wheels.... I do like them for street duty.

Craac - I'm already getting used to the power in this car..... it really seemed faster in 40 deg F weather.... than today drive home in 80 Deg F. I"m sure DA affect HP/TQ..... I'll have to learn more about this engine mgt system..... suspect there is a engine coolant temp sensor and an air intake temp sensor dialing back timing as a function of temp...... also cooler good DA makes more HP...... it really seemed to SING up top in the 40 Deg weather last week.... not so much now.. Have to check plugs, wires, etc.....

Just got stock orange fr marker lights in... much better. New tail lights in much better.

A Co-worker was giving me shizzz about my new ride being a POS..... he has a new 911..... and does not track it for fear of wear and tear...... he is missing out.

On the LS..... I'll see what it looks like at Vorshlag in a few weeks..... if done in a clean/factory way...... I bet it is pretty nice setup. Don't want loud x-pipe sounds.... just a good 400 rwhp and low muffler tone....... more to come.
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