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Is this stickied somewhere? - Should be

Nice write up. I've been perusing this site for about 9 months now learning all I can about these cars and what you have written here sums it up pretty well.

It makes me feel good that I must be paying attention 'cause you didn't seem to mention anything I didn't already know about.

I didn't read all 4 pages. I read most of what 5/8&10 wrote. One thing I noticed is that when you mention the cooling system, you don't say much about the radiator and how the neck can crack. As well as mentioning fan delete or going to elec. fan and alum. radiator. Considering this is an issue that unserviced could destroy the engine, you may want to include it. Kinda like you mention the 4 options for the oil pump nut.

Otherwise it appears to be well written and should be stickied. (Could use a spell check too.)
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