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Default Re: New Member.. Bmw m3 e92 vs. M4??

Originally Posted by W/// View Post
With test pipes, the car never felt like it lacked torque. It never feels like it has to work had to accelerate from a stop and the car is more than quick enough to get you in trouble with the cops.

Personally, I wouldn't trade my E92 for an E46 Coupe. Adding an E46 would be a different story. I've had mine for a little over 2 years now and still love it as much as the day I got it.

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lol, and I wouldn't change my e46 M3 for an e9Xm.

Especially with the M5 in the wings. IMO the e39m does everything the e9Xm does better than the e46m, better still. More comfortable, more V8ish, more quiet, better at being a larger car (seating multiple people comfortably)... while not suffering from the "boring at any street speed" issue the e9xm suffers from.

Though, neither has my heart like the e46m.

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