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Originally Posted by exotic///M View Post

Thanks for the write up. Your review and information is definitely appreciated.

I too have done this install with very similar results to what you have noted. I did later remove the front dust shield to help promote fresh airflow to the inner disc plate and I did trim the rear shield as close to the e-brake as possible. I used a brilliant tool called "The Nibbler" that I picked up at SEMA a few years ago. Trimming both rear dust shields took less than 5 minutes.

As for the eye-ometer to measure run-out, and even using a true run-out meter, neither method is correct when dealing with a floating disc. With the amount of float provided by the 2pc. discs, at low RPM's, there will always be a minimal amount of visible run-out. At road speeds, and higher RPM's, the discs actually finds it's true centerline with zero run-out. That's one of the major benefits of a Brembo system.
- True floating hardware that actually works.

I hope you enjoy the system, and I'm sure many people here would appreciate your feedback after driving the kit for a while.
thanks for the kind words... i will post a follow up review... and i am glad i wasnt the only one that found the above things to be true...
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