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Default Re: E30 M3 Track Car build

15' f82 M4 coupe (soulless beast)
06' e86 Z4 M (basic b*tch)
06' e46 M3 (superstar)
02' e36/8 M coupe (track slore 2)
01' e36/8 M coupe (the chosen)
99' e36 M3 (spoiled)
99' e36 M3 (track slore)
99' e36/5 (chump 2.0)
95' e36/5 (chump car)
89' e30 M3 (Diamondschwartz goodness)
88' e30 M3 (broke my wallet)
87' e30 m3 (sinister race car)

And a few P-cars nobody here cares about lol
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