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Default Re: Throttle Pedal Sticky, "Stiction"

Hey dudes, so last night I pulled the pedal apart one more time and actually was able to fix this!

My theory/test was if that the tension springs have become weak over 12+ years perhaps adding tension back to them would prevent the sticking.
The spring tensioner design is actually pretty clever, it adds friction to the rotating surfaces as pedal travel increases. It may seem that adding more spring pressure and thus friction would be counter-productive but it totally works for plastic stiction.

To add tension to the springs:

Here's the stock unmodified spring and "bead"

I cut/modified RC ball links to use them as plastic spaces. I then cut then down one side with an x-acto knife. You can use many other alternates for this.

Add these spacers in place between the crimp end and "bead".

Added heatshrink.

Did the same for the opposite side, and reinstalled everything. Here's how the springs sit now with a bit more tension pre-applied to them.

With this extra tension there is zero sticking at all when actuated. The car is easier to drive now.
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