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Default Throttle Pedal Sticky, "Stiction"

Guys, my DBW throttle pedal has this terrible "sticking" or "stiction" problem. Gets worse in warmer/more humid weather lately.

Modulating it lightly up/down, like when you're on the highway, is incredibly difficult. It sticks and jumps in small increments.

I bought the 5-point security torx bit and opened it to inspect it. Everything looked fine inside, except they're all plastic parts that rub together. I cleaned and re-lubricated with pure silicone oil, re-assembled and although it's a bit better it's still far from what I'd deem acceptable.

My wifes E70 X5 has the same or very similar pedal and it's soo smooth in comparison its crazy.

Has anyone found a way to get these things to move smoother? If not I'm considering to buy a new one which I'd really like to avoid. Is there an updated unit perhaps?

I took some pictures of the inside if anyone's curious.
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