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Are you the Buyer or Seller?: I Bought it!!!!
Model Year: 02
Mileage: 127000 kilometers
Coupe or Convertible?: Coupe
Exterior Color: Carbon black
Interior Color: Black? not sure of the fancy name
Manual or SMG?: Stick
Major Options: xenons phone factory ipod h/k i dunno anything else important
Under Warranty? (if yes, please indicate type and remaining coverage): No warrenty
Overall Condition (Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor): Good to excellent! drove it 1400 kms home without a wiggle little scratchs and some curb rash but thats about it!, and im missing two bolts in the front wheel well!
Any unusual items that affected value?: meh i dunno
With Whom Did You Complete the Sale? (Private, BMW Dealership, Other Dealership, Auction): Private sale!
How Did You Find Seller/Buyer?: Random autotrader look through

Sale Location (City, State): Edmonton Alberta Canada
Sale Date (Month, Year): March 6th 2010
Seller Asking Price: $ 23500
Final Sales Price: $ 22000
Est. Published Value, if known (KBB, NADA, Galves, etc.): $ 19800
Other Comments (amount of time in the market, successful negotiating tactics, words of advice, etc.):

just went balls out waited for so long for a car and this one just bit me in the ass and i went for it car ended up being everything i wanted (btw i flew out to get it) without seeing it first

SO im happy

Black Chrome SS race, Matte black Grills, gills, Tinted Side Markers, Smoked corners chrome bulbs, LED tinted Tails

and a speedo that reads 300
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