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Default Re: Designing a classy and timeless hood with functional heat reduction

Originally Posted by curiouz_g View Post

I didn't read the whole thread but people on E9X chassis have been doing this for a while now.

They can also retrofit the E9X M3 cowls too:
That is interesting. I think we might be able to change the design a little bit and possibly offer it with another filter custom made for this application. I learned that we could save arround 5kg from the filter housing, which is incredible. I cannot believe how heavy the stock one is. It is arround 3kg for the housing and another 2kg for the hanging plate... The cover is extra. From carbon both items will ammount to 300-400 grams the most. So good weight savings there as well!

We are leaning towards this design as well for the moment, with 2 rather than 3 vents. It looks subtle, it vents air right before the bulge, which will reduce drag by a tiny bit, and more importantly, wount be detrimental to the flow, and it is right behind the radiator. Seems like a win-win so far!

upload my pictures

Here is one more car we know of - the Manhart CSL V10. It has an interesting hood, although they needed the two intakes on the top to feed air to that S85 underneeth. We were thinking of reversing those maybe, but the effect wasn't too good looking so we scrapped it. Anyways, just sharing some stuff... here is a pic of the car I am talking about

I know we hve announced a lot of new poducts and there are many questions... Please PM me with questions, as this is the hood thread. All upcomming products will have threads supporting their development, so fear not.. we got ya. This is the last I will answer here as they were mentioned:


We will probably make a decat version, although our main version and dynos provided will include HJS EURO6 200 cell cats with TUV approval.


Very soon to come, post New Year will be availiable.


Again, soon to come. More info on the thread for the brakes we will make when we have the kit ready. Will come with AP-Racing discs out of the box. Not mutch more info I can give atm.

Now lets go back on topic


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