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Default Re: LTW clears and a drop.

Originally Posted by westopher View Post
Thanks for the compliments and constructive criticism so far guys. It's funny how the division is so 50/50 on what looks better. I find with the ambers the car has a period correct stock look, the clears give it this 90s modded look. It's amazing how much a couple pieces of plastic change it so drastically.
I saw a couple questions I'll answer here as well.
The alacantara boots are from cobywheel, knob and wheel are from tainik. I believe it's all the same as the oem stuff from the e46 so that's why it all matches well.
Yeah the glove box is sagging since I removed it to install the centre console. I want to fix it, but I'm afraid of ****ing it up more. The plastic clips everywhere are nice because the car is able to be put together like Lego, but it's like one time use only Lego haha.
I mean, the Euro E36 came with clears, so they are just as "period correct," if not more.

That is not an E46 steering wheel. The "alcantara" that tainik uses may be very similar to the one used on the E46, but that's an E36 steering wheel (3/98+ in US, 9/96+ in Canada). Funnily enough, I remember when I first got my tainik-wrapped wheel back in early 2008. I was one of the first guys here to run one, and I posted pictures all over the forums, on here and bf.c, and suddenly everyone started buying them. Funny how he has become the go-to-guy for these. He does great work, though. Mine is still in excellent shape, 8 years later.

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