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Default Re: My 99' Hellrot intro

Did a weekend long driving school with the SoCal Alfa Romeo Club, learned a lot and had a great time! For those who don't know, the SoCal Alfa club is very open and all inclusive to all makes of cars, and all levels of driving. I was placed in the novice time trial group, and the weekend consisted of track time, skid pad, and classroom. I'm doing a story about the school so I'm not gonna go into too much detail now other than to give a very positive review, and a recommendation to anyone interested in an extremely good value driving school. Best $300 I've spent in recent memory.

Nice action shot by my wife Lisa.

Managed to merk one of the A052s...

There's a combination of issues here, I won't place full blame the tire, or the setup, or me. I was slightly surprised to get so few hours from a 200 UTQG tire. Setup needs addressing (i.e more camber) but I'm beating a dead horse on that one. Driver induced push happened once or twice too which didn't help. All the time on the skid pad probably didn't help either...

Here's the two fronts.

Opinions...? I could/should have rotated them to get a bit more life. Hindsight is 20/20 though right?

Anyhow, we left on a road trip morning after the driving school, maybe time for a Safari style makeover for the ole' Fitty Cent?

I'm not very good at selfies

Got home to a sad looking M3, spare wheel up front, covered in track filth... I threw on the AC Schnitzer Type IIIs (12mm spacer in front, 5mm in rear) and I'm kind of on the fence.

I like them, but the color is wrong and it ****ing drives me NUTS. I can't use my center caps because they're not the same color silver. I think I will keep the wheels and either bite the bullet and have them properly repainted to the OEM-like original silver. Or maybe... I'll do them white *ducks for cover*

Either way, someone liked them

They must not have looked very close...!
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