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Default Re: My 99' Hellrot intro

Originally Posted by Smoove1 View Post
Hey man, it's Geoff. We met last time at Buttonwillow. You may want to consider raising the rear of your car slightly to help weight jack it and turn in better. Turns 2 and 14 slow corners. If I come in too fast or don't turn in a little earlier than it looks like I should my car will understeer as well. I'm on 285/30r18s with over -4 degrees in front. Breaking 1:30 should be pretty easy for that car. If I see you out at the track again I'll take you for a ride if you want. I find it's easier to find areas to shave some time if you see the course at speed.
Hey Geoff, what's up man? I would be very much interested in a ride along and some instruction if you're up to it. I know there's a faster time hiding in the car and I need help finding it. You wanna come up there next weekend? There's an Extreme Speed Track Events day at Streets on the 4th. I'm on the fence. Just trying to decide where to use the tires, like I said I think I can get 2 more days out of them. I'll pm you my number.
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