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Default Re: Just had inspection service, no valves needed to be re-shimmed, is this normal or

Originally Posted by TboneM3 View Post
If .178 (intake) feeler fits in the gap, you know you're not too tight. If it doesn't slip in, you're too tight. If .229 feeler fits, you're probably too loose. If .254 fits, you're def too loose.

That's what I meant by go no go.

You're getting too pedantic and over complicating it or have too narrow of an idea of how to use a feeler gauge. If you want to decide the tolerance by using one feeler and feeling the resiatance, good for you. You can also use multiple feelers to deduce the tolerance by wether or not a feeler fits.
You're over complicating this and just saying exactly what I already said and posted a video of. Please watch the video. It is explained properly and matches what the OP said.

Go or no go is not an appropriate method to describe feeler gauge use. Someone with no knowledge can interpret that into "if I can cram this in, it's good to go".
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