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Default Re: OEM Plus Eurospec M3 Build

Originally Posted by M_Parallel View Post
Personally not into cloth seats, but the US folks seems to adore them (probably because 99% came with leather).
Your right, they are rare. I also find they hold up much better than leather. Unless the early owners really maintained the leather from new the leather grain tends to be worn and cracked.

Originally Posted by M_Parallel View Post
You can make this perfect with a few small changes, like you pointed out. And fit a 3 spoke (any model) OEM wheel to replace that archaic 4 spoke abomination.

First thing though: clean up that 'bay!

And fit a fresh (not yellow) coolant tank.

Absolutely. The new steering wheel is on its way from Poland. You'll have to wait a few months before I tackle the interior.

I'll replace the coolant tank when I do a coolant system overhaul. I'm trying to figure out how much I need to replace.
There is a lot of info on US spec coolant systems but not much on the Euro cars. I know they don't share any parts.

Any advice on what needs to be replaced?

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