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Default Re: 2006 BMW E46 M3 ZCP 6MT - Silver Gray / Cinnamon - CALIFORNIA

For those that don't think this car deserves a premium, it's super rare for these cars to be sold by the original owner like this one. Most have been sold at least twice, and have gaps in their maintenance records, so you are taking a bit of a risk even with a proper PPI. For someone who wants to buy a car with a known history, from a meticulous adult owner, with all of the known e46 m3 issues addressed, this is worth the premium he is asking for in my opinion.

Vanos bulletproofed, subframe reinforced, cooling system refreshed, new brake pads and rotors, new shocks/struts, new wheels and tires, and pretty much every bushing and mount in the car replaced, this car literally needs nothing. All oil changes, and inspections I and II done as scheduled along with tasteful upgrades with the OEM Euro headers/cats, Rogue SSK, Eibach springs etc. This car won't appeal to everyone, especially those looking for a $15k m3, but I'm sure this car is in much better condition than the 100k on the odometer.

Good luck with the sale. The right buyer will come around
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