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Default Re: 2006 BMW E46 M3 ZCP 6MT - Silver Gray / Cinnamon - CALIFORNIA

Originally Posted by Texaz3 View Post
Looks like a nicely maintained car with lots of good upgrades. Not trying to come off negative, but...
Its still a 100K+ miles, non-original paint, for A LOT of money.
What am I missing here?
Aftermarket bumpers, diffusers, bootlids, etc don't have original paint. I am extremely picky when it comes to paint but after 11 yrs even with clearbra, I'd rather have a proper respray to have it perfect again and I'm sure many others would agree.

Nicely maintained is an understatement. People are buying up used and abused E46 M3s left and right since they became "affordable" to them then they think they can drive it how they drove their honda or toyota by just changing the oil but that is not the case with these cars. If someone is shopping for an E46 M3 then they should go down my list and price out all the parts then if they aren't doing the work themselves, add labor. Now that $10,000 beat up E46 M3 with 7 previous owners with unknown history doesn't seem like a good deal anymore right? I can only imagine the condition both asthetically and mechanically but those people just want an M3 because it is an M3 regardless of the condition. They don't care that it drives sloppy or the engine sounds like garbage or their interior looks like a crumbling croissant or the exterior condition is horrible. They just want to floss.

All the KBB/Carfax/Consumer Reports shoppers whom are used to buying used commuter cars usually still have no idea what they are buying especially when it comes to a performance car. I have no doubt that someone will appreciate this car and as I said, it is not for everyone. It is for someone who knows these cars or has owned one before, knows how much parts (and/or labor) cost and rather have one that looks and drives like new than a poorly maintained one with half the miles just because it has half the miles. If you saw the car in person, heard the engine then drove it, you'd think the 1 on the odometer was just a glitch and pay me on the spot.
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