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Default Camshaft/Piston Group-Buy -- Interest Thread

I don't want to bombard you all with products....but I wanted to make everyone aware of 2 products that myself and Streamline have been working on being able to offer, both of which will be setup for Group-Buys. Cams/Pistons and BBK (for more info on the BBK please click the hyperlink) .

To be clear, the cams being offered are NOT manufactured by us. They are manufactured by a very well respected cam manufacturer -- DBILAS Dynamics (german made and TUV approved)

About the manufacturer:
These camshafts are hollow, TUV approved, motorsport camshafts made from one of the best producers in the world - Dbilas Dynamic. Dbilas is a company that has been in business for more than a 50 years and is known for their performance parts that they create in Germany. Their items are used in multiple race teams in different race series around the world (The company has made parts for BMW Motorsport Division, as well as AC-Shnitzer race cars etc. and other ALMS and MS vehicles), and many of their items find their way into OEM applications. Dbilas dynamic is certified with the ISO 9001 standard, which guaranties that the parts that they manufacture are held to a very high quality manufacturing standard.

SPORT CAMS: 280/272 Cams
The sport cams offer a good compromise between outright power and easyness of installation. With the sport camshafts, you only need to install them on the vehicle, and you are good to go. No need for custom remapping or any other interventions. With that said a remap will aid in extracting the most performance out of these. We of course recommend a tune to make the most of these cams, but it is not completely necessary.

Inlet Camshaft
Duration: 280°
Peak timing: 132-72
Valve lift: 12.50
lift at TDC: 0.6 to 8.1
Valve timing: 8/92 - 68/22
Valve clearance: 25/25

Exhaust Camshaft:
Duration: 272°
Peak timing: 128-83
Valve lift: 12.50
lift at TDC: 0.6 to 6.25
Valve timing: - 84/8 - 39/53
Valve clearence: 25/25

Expected gains on a stock engine are arround 15-17hp and 12-15nm across the whole top 5000 rpm of the revband.

Just like the Sport Version (280/272), these camshafts are hollow, lightweight, and TUV-approved. With our race-line camshaft you will need a custom remap to run, but the gains will be there and are well documented on this forum. What our race-line offers is a bit different than what is currently on the market. The 288 intake camshaft has a 12.75mm lift at the valves, whereas most other options offer a 12.5mm lift. This 0.25mm lift at 8000 rev's means more air can enter the cylinder and thus produces more power, especially with the S54's high compression - 11.5:1. Add in higher compression pistons, and gains of over 10hp may be experienced across the whole revband over a 12.5mm lift cam. This is the maximum specs that can be used safely on an s54 stock head and bottom end with working VANOS.

Inlet Camshaft
Duration:: 288°
peak timing: 132-72
Valve lift: 12.75
lift at TDC: 0.7 to 8.3
Valve timing:: 12/96 - 72/26
Valve clearence: 25/25

Exhaust Camshaft:
Duration: 280°
Peak timing: 128-83
Valve lift: 12.50
lift at TDC: 0.7 to 6.6
Valve timing:: 90/12 - 43/57
Valve clearence: 25/25

Expected gains on a stock engine are around 22-25hp and 17-23 nm across the whole top 4000 rpm of the revband.

  • Rocker Arms being changed with new OEM BMW rocker's is a good idea with either of these two options. Rocker Arms usually wear with the camshafts themselves. The wear marks can start scratching the new camshafts and wearing them prematurely. However there are plenty of people on this forum (including well respected members) that run similar 280/272 spec cams on the stock rocker arms that came with their engine.
  • If you would like to increase the revs to over 8000 RPM with these camshafts, it is a good idea to upgrade the valve springs and rod-bolts.
  • For anything over 8250 rpm - new RODS are a good idea. We will have an offer for uprated valve springs and rods available soon!

Either camshaft variation is a GREAT way to complement a CSL airbox, so that the engine is optimized to make the most out of the increased airflow that the CSL airbox provides. Headers, Cams, CSL Airbox, and Tune is the way to go for anyone that wants to make the most of their NA platform.

Retail price PER PAIR for both the Sport (280/272) and Race (288/280) camshafts is $1286 USD per pair.
A Group-Buy discount will be offered with a 15% discount off this price! We need 10+ people for this GB

We can also offer rocker arms - brand new S54 Rocker Arms: $980 USD for a set of 24.

Warranty Information:

You have standard warranty for defects which will need to be seen PRIOR to the install. After installation, any premature wear or scratches, or improper mounting will not be warranted. Only defects on the actual item or if an improper item has arrived will be warrantied. We are not responsible for improper installation. Buyer assumes all responsibility in the event of improper installation.

How do these differ from Schrick-Cams or Cat-Cams?

Cat-Cams come without the presure regulating valve, and these cams will include it. Also these are made from a very high strength alloy and are hollow. Cat-Cams are not hollow. Another difference is lift. Cat-Cams have a 12.25 lift at the valve for their 272 cam, and these (280/272) cams have a 12.5 lift - higher, meaning these should make a tad more power with the smaller 280/272 cams as compared to Cat-Cams.

One large difference is price. Schrick are firstly more expensive. Secondly, Schrick 288 cam has only a 12.5mm lift at the valves, these cams will have 12.75mm lift (similar to the Cat-Cams). That results in a larger valve opening. Add higher compression pistons and a 10-15hp difference is possible, as lift aids high compression. It also means these will make slightly higher power on std pistons as well.

None of the three is better or worse. Cat-Cams and have their benefits over Shricks - higher lift with the 288 cam, but they are slightly heavier as are not hollow. Their 288/280 cam is the same as the ones we will be offering in terms of spec, but the 272 Cat-Cam has lower lift - less power.

Schricks are tried and tested, german made, but they are higher priced, often harder to obtain due to availability, and less effective for the 288/280 cams because of the lower lift, so less power can be made (especially when combined with an airbox and headers/exhaust).

Ours stand between the Schricks and Cat-Cams, and everything is in the small details. Have in mind that I can also source Schrick Cams (and very soon Cat-Cam items as well). We believe all of these companies make extremely high quality products, we just decided to offer something slightly different than what is currently being offered.

If these are something that you all are interested in, please comment below. In order to offer these products for a Group-Buy, it takes a considerable investment from us up front. Thus, I want to know ahead of time if this is worth pursuing or not.



Also, I am not sure if there is any demand for pistons on here. Likely not many people are digging that deep into their motors and for those that are, we already have piston options from places like CP, MAHLE, JE, ect. readily available, but I can also make a GB for pistons if demand exists.

We have available, Wössner Pistons for the S54. These are German made, TUV tested and approved!

For many years, Wössner has been known for being an innovative specialist for high performance forged pistons and connecting rods. They produce parts in the highest quality for both racing and everyday street driving applications.

These pistons have different drilling options available. The first listed size is the original size. All others are oversize.

Technical Details:
Wössner pistons feature a unique PTFE coating on the skirts and a grade of 4032 Alloy (T6) which allows the engine builder to run a closer piston to bore tolerance then he might do on another make of piston. This helps remove the slapping noise during cold start, common place among engines running forged pistons due to larger then OE bore clearances.

The crowns of the pistons are also polished to better resist detonation on a high performance engine. Polishing allows a more even spread of heat inside the chamber which will help prevent “hot spots” on piston crowns.

As per Wössner:
"This is one of the reasons why we are actively involved in researching the properties of low friction surfaces and in developing new such materials. We are in close contact with the research departments at various colleges and universities and are currently carrying out a series of tests, together with a Swiss institution, into friction reduction. In close cooperation with the R&D departments at leading motor manufacturers, we develop high-performance prototype pistons."
The sides are graphite coated and the inside and top is fully machined. (There is literally no more weight that can be subtracted from these).

The valve pockets are also deeper, so you can use higher lift cams. For this reason (among many) these were chosen to complement the higher lift cams that are being offered in this group-buy for those that really want to go all out on their motor build

Their ring seals according to out experience are also freaking amazing... Partly because of the low piston/wall clearance and partly because of the quality of the materials used. Also this design focused a lot on internal bracing for higher rigidity of the piston. ALL pistons are fully machined on the inside as has been mentioned.

Technical Specifications:
Displacement: 3246
Stroke: 91
Compression Ratio (OEM): 11.3:1
Compression Ratio (Turbo): 8.8:1
Compression Ratio (N/A Power): 12.3:
Dome Volume: -27
Compression Height: 32.3
Valves per Cylinder: 4
Cylinder No.: 6
Piston weight: 320
Rod length: 139

The price is for a complete set.
  • 6x Wössner forged Pistons
  • High performance piston rings
  • Reinforced piston pins
  • Pin clips

Compression Options:
Stock Compression: 11.5:1
NA Power Build Compression: 12.3:1
Turbo Build Compression: 8.8:1

I realize that for most people, internal engine work is not something they are interested in, for this reason, in order for a 15% GB discount to go into affect, we need a
minimum of 5 Piston orders OR 12 total orders (either Pistons or Cams)
Retail pricing: $1270 USD MSRP
GROUP-BUY Discount: 15% discount, bringing the price down to $1080 USD

Camshaft/Piston - Group-Buy List: (we need either 10+ Camshaft orders for the Camshaft GB Discount or we need 5+ piston orders OR a combination of 12 total orders (either Cams or Pistons) for the Camshaft/Piston GB discount)

1. Cmda17 -- Race Cams
2. C///M -- Race Cams
3. bbrtuning -- Race Cams
4. Whips333 -- sport cams only
5. Sashman123 — race cams
6. Ramp1 - Race cams
7. Cosmos///M3 - Race Cams
8. Instragram guy LOL - Race Cmas
9. Sashaman123 - Pistons - Could be just for piston GB.
10. smbz2789 -- Sport/Race.. still deciding
11. Drp2014-- race cams
12. aaronpoweruser race cams and folowers
13. Sirenty - race cams and followers.
14. Righteous: Sport Cams
15. CnCmastr: race cams and followers - High score!
16. 10speed -- Race Cams

1. Sashman123
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