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Originally Posted by LALaw View Post
Corona with lime is not bad
Shiner Bock
Heineken is ok

but I can't stand Red Stripe
Shiner Bock is disgusting. A lot of my college buddies in Texas would drink that crap when I lived in Denton during grad school. It's basically their normal, bottom of the barrel, college-boy-$hit-beer, but with some molasses added to it to make it a "bock" beer. Fuggin' aweful headaches. Better to puke it up before sleeping... Texans would get all weepy-eyed because it is brewed down there, near Waco I think.

Heineken and Corona: as close to water as you can get. But I like to drink that stuff when it's hot out and I'm BBQ'ing, for that reason.

Ride strip is OK. But it can taste tinny, and leaves an odd aftertaste, depending on what your eating/smokin'

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