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Default Re: thoughts on older M3 vs. newer f30

I have a lot of seat time in my gf's f30 328i (non sport automatic) as well as a few f30 335 and 328 loaners and they are fine for commuting and long highway road trips but leaves a lot to be desired in the sporting department.

Steering feel is probably my biggest complaint. Cannot adjust the weight on her car (non sport) but I think adding weight is just a band aid. More steering weight does not equal more steering feel. What I love about the steering in my M3 and 1M is that I can feel every little bump, crack, undulation, etc in the road through the steering wheel. It feels like there is a real connection. You don't feel anything in the f30. I think others have called it synthetic and I think that is a good interpretation. M4 that I drove felt the same way. Steering weight would build as you built speed, but it still felt synthetic and not at all connected.

The 8 speed auto coupled with the 2.0t has its pros and cons. That zf 8spd is a fantastic automatic maybe the best torque converter automatic on the market. Shifts are very fast but when playing around in manual mode there are just too many ratios to choose from. The 2.0t like many have said has plenty of mid range and dies off up top. Great for scooting around town and the highway mileage is fantastic. Engine noise is just terrible though.

GF loves it and it is a fine highway cruiser and very compliant on the choppy Houston roads. She came from a Mercedes c230 and loves how luxurious and compliant the 328 feels which I think goes to show that the 3 series is no longer a "drivers car".
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