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Default Re: thoughts on older M3 vs. newer f30

Man. I've always made my own automotive purchasing decisions. I understand the point about test drives. But there are good reasons people read car reviews, talk to others, seek out information. And, again, I appreciate the informative responses in this thread; I really do.

For the record, I believe there is a sum total of one m-sport packaged 3 series on my local lot, and it's an automatic wagon. I did make the trip (at least a half day affair) to Atlanta to test drive a 6mt, m-sport equipped 328i a while back. It was one of those 12 minute "turn here," now "accelerate here," "now brake here," sorts of test drive around the predetermined route in Atlanta traffic. It wasn't enough to give me much of a sense of anything... except that I was driving a $50K plus msrp 3 series that didn't have satellite radio.

I wish I had easy access to 50 plus cars to test drive for real. I don't. So, I asked. The input from those on this forum is helpful. For now, I'm leaning toward finding another garage space, and keeping the Audi and the M3. They're both paid for, and each great in their own ways. 2016s will be out before too long anyway.
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