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Default Re: thoughts on older M3 vs. newer f30

Is anyone on this site capable of making their own automobile purchasing decisions?

You want boring and full of tech and a car note, buy an F30. You want a fun and inexpensive great all-around car, keep your E36 M3. Trying to compare or convince yourself that you'll get the best of both in one car isn't going to happen.

If you want to know how the F30 M-Sport performs, go test drive one--there's probably 50 sitting on your local BMW dealer's lot. A thread on a forum full of bias towards old M3 isn't going to reveal what driving your M3 to a BMW dealer to test drive an F30 will answer.

Originally Posted by nebatuga View Post
I want something as fun to drive as the M3, but with warranty and modern bells and whistles.
And I want Natalie Portman to sit on my face.
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