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What’s very concerning is that the fuel pump can operate under spec pressure and not produce fault codes for BMW to diagnose. Therefore, your BMW can operate under spec with less performance and unless they get hard codes, and only then, will they perform a pressure test.

My e92 335i has had the pump replaced, and after it was replaced, it produced far more horse power than it did from early ownership. But fortunately, my DME produced fault codes which led to a pressure test. But now the car feels as if it is not producing the horse power it once was. But BMW won’t do a pressure test, because there are no recorded faults.

Makes you wonder how many 335i’s out there that are running below performance spec and the owners are unaware of it. And soon, it’ll be M3 owners.

There should be a class action suit against BMW for this and they should buy my car back as well as many others who are scared to come forward and make a formal complaint. It is hard for people who have been a BMW fan and owner most of their lives to complain so outwardly. My e92 335i has been nothing but trouble since day one.

A perfect example of one problem I had with the car was it losing power on highway 101 in the fast lane (warning light alerted me of an engine malfunction and loss of power) and I almost got rear-ended by four cars because I could hardly get off the highway. Scared the hell out of me and it was the first time I actually thought I was going to die. If this ever happens while my wife is driving the car I will absolutely submit a formal complaint - God forbid this ever happens to someone who has kids in the car and something serious happens.

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