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i manage to pick up a somewhat beat up copy at the local B&N ... i talked to the people working there for a little bit about it, but i guess it came out at the beginning of december, so its almost been on the shelf for 3 months. Seeing as how they only stock maybe 2 or 3 to start, i guess most places are not expected to have them anymore.

calling into the store with the title wouldnt work because this is a special edition (i was told by the staff). So what you need to do is ask the staff member to check the shelf in person, the M3 special should be next to the regular BMWCAR magazines.

lastly im not sure what the deal with the website is with the ordering, but heres the email address, hope this will help a couple of you guys out.

telephone; 01732 7480000 (european phone number)
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