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Default Re: New E90 IB Comp Owner

She arrived today, gave her a quick bath. I'm loving this thing and really enjoy the quickness of the dct. I drove one before I bought it but I wasn't sure I'd be happy without a clutch. Really liking it so far. Removed the wing and there are holes in the lid so I'm going to plug them for right now until I move and figure out what I want to do.

This was just a quick wash with Optimum no Rinse. I'll do a more thorough one Sunday and it goes in for correction and CQuartz July 25. This sound of the S65 with the exhaust is addicting. Still really engaging but the E46 still feels more rewarding. Was expecting that aspect and I'm perfectly happy with the E90, but now I can really see the differences in the short time I've drove it.
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