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Default Re: M3 SMG pump reconditioning

Forgot about that, been a year or more since I had mine apart - have a whole extra HCU.
Interesting it primes in normal time.
Yeah, no different than a starter, sometimes a minor bump will get it to turn again.

Originally Posted by SteveEvans View Post
Removing the motor from the pump removes its end bearing support, so spinning it up isn't an option. Even though the pump was dead in the car, now that it's removed and has been disturbed I wouldn't be at all surprised if it ran if I applied power. Visual inspection of the brushes/commutator will probably be quite conclusive. At 162K miles I think I know what I'll find!

A test that can be conducted on the motor which has yet to fail can be found HERE, however when I hooked up INPA at the weekend, just prior to the failure, my pump was priming just as fast as it ever had, unlike the car in the link here which had slowed. I've read of other cars taking 15s or more to prime. Mine was still only taking 5-6 seconds to go from ~50 bar to >70 bar. The new pump may be slightly faster, but only by a small margin.

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