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Default Re: M3 SMG pump reconditioning

A DC-motor is a "wound rotor motor". The brushes are made of carbon and conduct electricity and so as the carbon dust that is created due to wear and tear along with a bit of copper dust from the worn commutator segments. The segments are gapped as they are the individual conductors of the rotor winding from the power source via brushes. This build up of dust, in due time will inevitably short those segments and the motor will run very weak (not the same amount of torque). Reconditioning that area by sanding the commutator segments on a lathe, cleaning and separating the commutator segments by a scribe or a mini hacksaw blade along with a fresh set of brushes, spring tensioner for the brushes & bearings will restore most if not all of its lost torque. There are other steps that you can do but it requires some special tools but the above steps should suffice.

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