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Default Re: M3 SMG pump reconditioning

Originally Posted by SteveEvans View Post
I'm confused. Are you saying you've taken a pump off your car, cleaned it and put it back? Sounds like you may be talking about two pumps here.

Of course this thread started with me talking about a failure of the pump on my car and then showed the disassembly of another, so I've probably caused at least as much confusion.

Sorry. The pump in my car is fine. Didn't remove it. I got a "defective" pump from a shop and did the same thing you did basically. I powered the motor before I removed it with 12v and it sounded really weak.

I took the motor apart(and everything else) and found a lot of carbon inside from the brushes. I vacuumed and cleaned the motor and put it back in. When I power it with 12v now it spins a lot stronger.

I'm wondering if that is the problem in most cases. The pump gear looked good like in your pictures. Ohm'ed and 12v'ed the solenoids and they seem fine also.
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