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Originally Posted by hugogu View Post
Minor issue with ticking/cricket like sound coming from my front left wheel when taking hard right turns (at tire slip limit). I hope it's not a problem with the ball bearings (or whatever is used), as it could sound like a mechanical issue with something not being happy under stress.

Will get the dealer to look at it when I hit the 1200 service.

Also experienced that the Oil Level indicator tend to never figure out the level when driving on twisty roads. After some minute on the interstate it sorted it out, and showed a happy level of oil (so far I have not added oil, but the dealer told me to expect the E92 to burn oil, which was not the case for my E46, but then again my E36 was gulping down oil ...)
My E92 has used a litre of oil over the past 2500 miles, is this normal?
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