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Default Full 9qt oil change in the M3 still Says Add 1 More Quart

I did my oil change over the past 2 weeks. The nice person who changed the oil last must have over tightened the drain plug, because when I put it back in it just spun in place and never tightened.

The car sat outside for over a week and a half with the drain plug removed while I waited for my re-thread kit to come in.

Got everything re-threaded this weekend and put 8 liters in like the this DIy suggested.

Warm up the car and it tells me it is a quart low. So I put in half a quart and let it sit over night and drive it to work the next morning.
When I get to work, it still says that it is a quart low? So I put the rest of the bottle in.

At this point I have drained and added 9 liters total to the engine. Drove to work today and it STILL says I need to add a quart?

Any ideas?
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