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Originally Posted by pbonsalb View Post
CA has tough smog laws. You can't just buy an 02 and SAP sim. Even if you kept cats and the SAP and could pass a sniffer test, you would still need an exemption and they are a pain to get. The only aftermarket forced induction kits for BMWs that got CARB exemptions were Dinan superchargers for the E36 and E46 M3s and the early MechTech turbo kit for the E36. No other makers have gotten them for BMWs -- not ESS or AA or VFE or HPF or TRM or Eurosport or Technica or Technique Tuning or Gintani.

There are tricks people in CA do, like registering the car in a place that does not require as stringent testing (and I think some parts of CA might qualify), and probably some other illegal things.

To me, the list of issues is a pretty minor one and I think its great the seller is being upfront about the details. If those things are a big deal to you, then you should not be owning a 20 year old car in the first place, let alone a modified one.

I would not pay $25k for an E36, but for someone who would, I think the car is worth a look. A nicely done turbo system is incredible on one of these cars.
Agreed. Looks like a well put together build with a good list of parts. Yes different tires front and rear probably because of the severe traction issues it has. Won't pass smog because California sucks, the rest of the country doesn't have that issue. As for the small nit picky things, they can be fixed easily.

That being said, I wouldn't pay 25k. That's what i would consider retail for it. 20k would be a more realistic price.
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