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That's been for sale on here and bfc.
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Indeed. I'm not too sure what to make of a "showcar" build. They never really seem to be dialed in, just stuff thrown at it.

Minor details that can be solved with time/research or can be left alone w/ out affecting functionality or reliability:
-When changed to custom steering wheel, horn is inconsistent and airbag light was activated
-Coolant sensor may not be compatible w/ Mishi expansion tank, or may just need replacement. Reads low coolant on OBC but level is OK
-ABS/ASC light on due to ASC disconnect (ABS still functional)
-ZKW projectors and license plate LED lights cause OBC to read errors. No issues other than OBC notification
-Rear tires rub after upgrading to Toyo R888
-Spoiler paint quality is sub-par due to difficulties painting carbon fiber
-Driver side door actuator sticks but works OK w/ key. No FOB included
-Headlights need leveling. Purchased new but have not gotten around to leveling at night.
-Windshield washer fluid reservoir eliminated, turbo kit did not allow to be relocated
-Battery needs tie down
Tires don't match, ill-fitting aftermarket lights, and won't pass smog.

Yup, it's a gem.

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x2 and some Chicago style pizza
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He's suffered enough.
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